OMG Karen, that rapid anxiety reduction session we did over WhatsApp was incredible. I had been so petrified of needles forever, but I have now had my 2 pfizer injections without any issue at all. I stayed relaxed the whole time. You are amazing. I have used the techniques with another issue and it so reduces that feeling of fear and overwhelm. You are sensational“. Sian …., Sydney, NSW)

“Hi Karen, just wanted to let you know we are doing great. Since our sessions with you, we are communicating so differently. We now listen. I can’t believe how much better we are so fast, you are an incredible human being. All your help, time, advice and phone calls you accepted at any time either of us called. Thanks so much. I have referred a few people to you. Life is wonderful, THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Caroline & Jason (Lake Macquarie, NSW)

Thought I would drop a quick line to let you know that your quit smoking session worked. It’s been almost 3 months now and no cigarettes, don’t even think about it. You were right, it was so easy, no cravings, nothing, I just stopped. I feel so much healthier and my kids are happier with me, thanks for everything“. Matt….. (Belmont, NSW)

“Hi Karen, you know I have been seeing Psychologists for many years with little real help or direction. Even after our first session, I felt different, you seem to understand me perfectly (which can be challenging). After our second session, I feel clearer. I can see things differently and you are so right, we make the choices when I use to think others made me feel this way I now realise it is me. I feel stronger, my mind is clear and I am making the decisions right for me while as you pointed out, being mindful and respectful of others. Thanks heaps Karen you are incredible – and so damn fast, can’t believe it“. Jessie …… NSW

was incredible speaking with you over Zoom last week, you are amazing. I truly feel so much better and a renewed direction in my relationship and my life, it is like a heavyweight has been removed off my shoulders, thanks so so much, couldn’t be happier“. Jo ……,  WA.

Just wanted to say what an impact your session had on us. Now we can at least talk without yelling. We have a ways to go but your language instructions were incredible, I think it saved us as you know I was ready to leave. I will stick to it to see if these changes are permanent, with him mainly. See you next week, thanks so much“. Tori ……., Belmont, NSW

Karen it is all working for me, your weight loss therapy I did at home online was fantastic. I relaxed easily and also, I look at food so differently. Can not believe the power of the mind. Funny how I look at the snacks and chocolate bars and have no inclination to pick them up..nothing!! Biscuits that never lasted very long, ARE STILL THERE!!!
Watermelon is one thing I can not do without. Thanks to you telling me about it last time. I put your link on my Facebook page
Regards and thank you” – Colleen…

Thanks so much for the Skype session last week, it was incredible. Can’t believe the stuff we covered in just over an hour. I’m not going to my old therapist anymore as you made more sense and sorted more stuff than she did over 2 years, I’m a bit angry about that – her, actually. Anyway just wanted to let you know that things are going so much better both at work and at home. You made so much sense and made it so simple to understand, thanks heaps. May call you again for a top-up session. Warmest regards, Michael”  ( Perth, WA)

Hi karen – I watched and listened to your weight loss Virtual hypno session a few weeks back, was a bit sceptical actually but – loved it. I already lost 5 kilo and don’t even think about food at all whereas before it was on my mind all the time. wish i’d found it earlier but all steam ahead now. I will look great when i give my daughter away at her wedding in a couple of months“…mark j, engineer, new york

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how great the kids are going now. Your Parenting advice and guidance has made us think about our actions as parents. You made it so simple and easy. We are now a happier and closer family and you were right, the conflict has all gone. You are a genius, I applaud you and thank you again from the bottom of my heart” – Tania J…..(LM)

Hey Karen, thanks for the sessions. You made a world of difference to my world. I have now settled in Brisbane, am confident and ready to start the next phase of my life. Your guidance and support made this possible. I am in your debt, truly, you are amazing, thanks so much xx” – Ellen W……

Dear Karen, i just wanted to let you know how grateful i am to you. I went to you to get rid of my sugar habit and to lose weight. I have been off sugar since 22 January and have lost 11 kilos and it is only March, and the fibromyalgia pains in my legs have almost gone. I feel so good. Thank You Thank You Thank You” – Ashleigh … (Bateau Bay)

“Just a quick note to say how wonderful our premarriage session was. Some of the issues raised we had not yet thought of. So glad we got to talk about them and understand things from each others perspective. I really think we would have argued about these later on, thanks Karen. I hope everyone gets to do this before their wedding day. I told my friends so you may get some more people calling you – sorry, I know you are already busy” – Naomi and Greg x

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I found you. As you know I had been going to a Psychologist for almost 2 years and felt no different or better. After only one session with you, I achieved more, learnt so much and now feel I can move forward instead of that stuck feeling we spoke about. I have already recommended you to some friends and family members so sorry you might get even busier. Thank you so much for your amazing work. You understood me right from the beginning  you listened to me and my goodness helped me more than you could begin to know.” – Julie A…… (Swansea)

Hey Karen, thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how well. I went after my stop smoking session with you. Well, it’s been almost 4 weeks and you were right, don’t even think about the cigs. Couldn’t believe it. Spent all that time and money on those Nicorette patches, gums, sprays etc and was still smoking. Then you….. the rest is history. I feel fabulous, the kids say I smell so much better and my wife actually enjoys kissing me again wwwooo“. – Craig M….. (Chain Valley Bay)

This is Olivia. I saw you a couple of months back about my phobia of needles. You fixed me!!!! I went in to have the surgery I needed and I had absolutely no bother having the drip or injections. Before I came the thought of a needle freaked me out so much I would scream, I felt so stupid. Now I feel like a mature woman, wish I had done this years earlier. Could not believe it took under an hour to completely clear this fear I had. Thanks so much Karen, you are amazing xx” – Olivia….. (Lake Munmorah)

Dear Karen, Just a quick note to let you know how things are going with me and Craig now. Since seeing you we have learnt to listen to each other better and speak to each other in far more appropriate ways ‘without judgement’ as you said. While I was almost out the door in our relationship I now feel closer and better understood by my husband. Our relationship is growing and becoming closer. Thank you so much for your guidance and help.” – Angela….. (Budgewoi)

Dear karen – just letting you know that since i bought my daughter amy to see you she has been like a different girl. she has started speaking to us again, actually leaves her room, talks to us at dinner and acts like the world is no longer on her shoulders. not sure what you did with her in your session but whatever it was thank you so very much. i feel my daughter is back. while i know teenage years can be difficult i was just not prepared for the way she had become and was quite lost. i will call you in the next week to get an appointment with you so i can discuss ways i can mage her better if and when things get hard for her. her anger seems to have melted away. thank you again so much, we all think you are incredible” x – Jenny S…….. (Lake Munmorah)

Hey Karen, just letting you know that Dan and I are doing so much better after our sessions with you. I think you saved our relationship. What I thought was so important now seems rather ridiculous and petty. Thank you so much, it was brilliant.” – Sally …… (Tamworth)

“Dear Karen, Just a quick note to say how much we appreciate your time to help us sort out our lives and kids. You made more sense than anyone else I have spoken to about our issues. I just wanted to tell you we followed the advice and it has been an amazing change for us all. Your book gave me so many common sense ideas that like you said would work quickly and completely, and it so did. Again thank you so much.” – Elle and Jason ………., Umina