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Welcome to Central Coast Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre – Your Page for Solutions

You have visited the site because you need answers, support and solutions.
Many people visit here when looking to resolve
  • anxieties and depression
  • stress that is overwhelming you
  • anger issues
  • relationship issues so your partner will listen and understand you
  • children’s behaviours
  • remove that fear or phobia that now affects your life
  • Stop Smoking forever in only one session
  • Reduce weight and keep it off forever without diets, pills, shakes or meetings
Some clients simply want the deep relaxation feeling anchored in so they can use and feel it anywhere at anytime to relax, unwind and become stress free.
 Karen Phillip has worked as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over a decade.
Karen Phillip is a highly regarded and successful Life Coach, Relationship and Parenting Expert. Karen has many high profile celebrity clients and assists her clients maximise their life potential.
Individuals, Families and couples leave satisfied, happy and focused on their relationship and life, while being mindful of their actions towards each other. This can be achieved quickly.
 Karen understands how time poor you are and how important it is your solutions are fast and life long. Karen works quickly and effectively to quickly bring the changes you need to feel empowered, focused and satisfied.
If you have already separated, Karen, as a registered Family Dispute Mediator, can aid you to organise your Parenting Plan.
Drop Karen an email to ask a question or book a personal or Skype session. Karen’s clients have access to her 24/7 if they need, they are never alone.

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