What the Mind believes – the Body responds to…

Many people think of stage hypnosis when thinking of a hypnotherapist. As entertaining as this can be, it is indeed far from the reality of the work a Clinical Hypnotherapist does.

Hypnotherapists are registered under private Medical funds, as the work is considered proven, beneficial and supported by Medical and Dental Practitioners. Many referrals are made to Hypnotherapists from Doctors and Psychologists.

We work with the subconscious mind to guide behaviour and thoughts to what the client requires. Client remains conscious and relaxed. The client can hear everything that is going on, they are not asleep.

No-one can make a person do anything they do not wish to do. This is where the stage hypnotist gets you to believe those people on stage are out-of-control. In fact these people know what they are doing and do it for the attention and fun for the nights entertainment. A great laugh indeed. While some stage participants are more easily influenced than others, it remains a matter of wanting to undertake the suggestions given.

Many people try to use will power to break or change a habit or behaviour this simply does not work, at least not for more than a few days.

Our subconscious mind guides – our minds, our thoughts and our bodies, every hour of every day.

By changing our thoughts, we can learn new and different behaviours.

We can defuse our temper level, lower our stress and anxiety levels; we can stop certain behaviours and habits such as smoking, overeating, gambling, drinking, nail biting, etc.

We can redirect thoughts and feelings to decrease and diminish pain, increase recovery time, repair our bodies externally and internally.

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Hypnotherapy can assist students concentrate and de-stress for exams, assist them in learning and retaining information.

Hypnotherapy quickly and easily stops fears and phobias such as dentist fear, flying and needle fears, etc. 1 session is often all that is necessary to stop any fear or reduce past trauma.

Hypnotherapy combined with other modalities such as Anchors and EFT are fast and effective.

Why continue to put up with unwanted behaviours, bad habits, fears or pain any longer it is not necessary. Clinical Hypnotherapy is fast and so very effective.

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