Counselling & Psychotherapy

Individual Counselling

Karen Phillip works with clients who may be experiencing personal, family or work problems can greatly benefit from Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Many referrals are made to Counsellors from Doctors and Psychologists. Counselling allows the client to openly discuss his or her feelings, fears and concerns with someone who is trained to understand and guide the client to a better place.

By asking appropriate questions about the problem, situation or behaviour, the Counsellor can assist the client to understand the reason behind them and assist to guide the client in using another behaviour, thought or response to the problem, enabling a solution that is suitable.

Often only a few sessions are all that is required to obtain direction and guidance. Clients with depression, anxiety, confusion – can all be assisted with Counselling. Do not be told you need multiple ongoing sessions, this is often wrong. A good therapist should be able to empower, guide and support you to develop strategies to benefit you quickly. Counselling, sometimes combined with Hypnotherapy, enables the individual to obtain fast resolution and set a new clearer path toward a better life and outcome.

What Is Counselling?

  • Counselling is a way of exploring your self, your thoughts and attached feelings with a professional who is empathic, impartial and non-judgemental
  • It assists you to explore the way you currently feel and the reasons why
  • It allows you to explore all those emotions and internal voices that confuse you
  • Counselling guides you to resolve issues that cause you problems and find the answers you need

Karen Phillip is the Life Coach and Counsellor to many high profile executives and celebrities. Karen works within this area as she knows first hand the stress and anxieties cause by being in the public eye. Confidentiality is the utmost consideration with all clients, especially those with a high profile. Karen conducts both personal and Skype sessions for many people requiring assistance.

If you suffered abuse or neglect of any kind as a child, or as an adult, then Counselling can assist you in dealing with these issues. Many abuse issues are difficult to discuss with partners or friends, they leave scars in the personal emotions of the victim and they often find it difficult to deal with life issues that arise. Sometimes the victims, who think they have left it behind, have problems with relationships and communications. These issues can be dealt with without the need to ever re-live the issue.

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Karen has introduced her new Walk and Talk Therapy Program where she can meet clients at an agreed outside location and you both walk along together discussing issues and resolving problems. Research tells us movement outside increases our ability to process, clears our mind and relaxes us. Therefore fewer appointments are needed and faster results are attained. Please contact Karen to see if this will work for you.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship issues can greatly benefit from Counselling. Often there is a problem with the couple communicating. Regularly one party does not listen or understand their partner, resulting in relationship issues. By using a Counsellor these issues can be openly discussed, areas of direction established and behaviours put in place to allay further problems.

Many couples have difficulty at times communicating. One partner may have acted in a way that unintentionally hurt the other person, leaving anger for one and guilt for the other. This can often lead to a shut down in communication. Counselling assists to open up the communication again and assists both parties to understand and perhaps accept the actions of the other.

Couples sometimes need to mediate matters, to come to terms with certain events or behaviours, Counselling assists this before they become too serious. Karen is an expert on improving Communication. She teaches couples the strategies and techniques to eliminate all conflict allowing them to understand the mind processing differences between men and women, words to never use and words to use to be heard and understood. Her best seller book Communication Harmony can help every couple to improve the way they communicate.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Discussing areas for your relationship prior to your marriage can often assist couples to start their marriage on the same correct page.

There are many areas that couples fail to discuss when planning their wonderful and exciting wedding. These matters may then surface later and can cause difficulties. By addressing the many issues that can present, I go through matters such as Sex in the relationship, Finance and spending, Family and Friends within the relationship, Arguments, Where to live, Work and play, Trust, Change of Name after marriage, discussing private concerns with others, and the expectation of each person after the wedding.

By attending a pre-marriage session it can help bring the couple closer and ensure they have no unanswered questions or issues.

Would you like a copy of Dr Karen’s successful Relationship book, written for everyone about to marry or in a committed relationship? The essential things to know to ensure you both remain happy, heard and together. Just click the link to get the book sent to you now.

Couples planning to marry or planning to have children find Counselling very beneficial to their relationship.

Parenting Matters

Karen Phillip is one of Australia’s leading Parenting Experts and Coach and works with couples who have young children and need parenting assistance. Parents become confused about how to manage their child’s behaviour, knowing what is acceptable and what is not. Karen also coaches and educates parents on how to get their children to listen and respond to them.

Parenting is a difficult job but when done right it is enjoyable, rewarding, satisfying and when the parents are confident, loving, firm and fair, their children grow into balanced and happy young people.

“The thing young parents need to remember is that all children role model your behaviour. If your child is screaming, defiant or blames; is loving, considerate and kind; they have learnt it from you, their parents. At times parents need a little help in redirecting their behaviours to set the example they want their child to follow” advised Karen Phillip.

Karen Phillip is the author of the best-selling Parenting book – “Who Runs Your House – The Kids or You?“. It was written so Parents can learn to redirect the behaviours of their children easily and without conflict, for a quieter, happier home with parents who are in control. Paperback Book or EBook can be purchased via the website at or on Amazon, BarnesandNoble, or Angus & Robertson online bookstores.


Children can benefit from Counselling too. If they have experienced loss, abuse, bullying or conflict, they need to be heard by someone who is going to tell them their feelings are OK.

Young children can suffer from depression and depressive thoughts. If they feel they are powerless in a situation, there is no relief, no-one to talk with or to listen to them without judgement, Counselling can assist them immensely. Sometimes they don’t want mum or dad to fix it or them, they want to be heard, to vent, to be understood.

Counselling assists children from primary school age through to high school and into adulthood, many of whom carry their childhood problems with them until they are able to be released.

Unfortunately, suicide is often invisible, a silent killer. Counselling can assist the individual to re-frame their thoughts and see a resolution to their situation or problem, so suicide is no longer an option.

If you feel your child is in a dark place please consider the assistance of a qualified Counsellor.

EAP Provider

Karen is registered with Employment Assistant Programs and can provide Counselling through registered EAP workplaces. Contact your HR department to see if you can register with EAP and receive Counselling support services.

Victim of Crime Counsellor

Karen is registered with the Victims of Crime to work with those recovering from trauma and events they have experienced as a victim of crime. Please contact Victim Services and ask them to link Karen to you so she can provide you with the services and support you need. Registered Number A2188

Telephone / Skype Counselling Service

Sessions can be arranged by phone or Skype if it is difficult to come to the office or if you experience time constraints.

Simply contact me to arrange a suitable time. Payment is made prior to commencement via credit card.

Session costs are for 1-hour appointments, with extra time often required to obtain all information in the first session (no additional cost). These sessions may be claimed under some private health insurance rebates. Please check with your fund, they often rebate Hypnotherapy/Counselling.

Credit card and EFTPOS facilities available

Please contact Karen now for appointment times or call 0418-216-836.

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Counselling Qualifications :

  • PhD Counsellors using Hypnotherapy (current Griffith Uni)
  • Master of Counselling, Mental Health and Research (USQ)
  • Master of International Family Studies(UON)
  • Degree Counselling (AIPC)
  • Diploma Counselling (AIPC)

Find Karen on Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) Website, use postcode search 2259 and 2281